Taking care of your toddlers


Saplings Rural Nursery and Pre-School


Court Lane, Hadlow Tonbridge TN11 0DU
01732 853225

Situated on Court Lane, in Hadlow, our Rural Nursery and Pre-School provides a safe and fun environment for your child to learn and explore.  It is open 5 days of the week, 50 weeks of the year and offers care and education to young people between the ages of 6 months and 5 years.


During their time at the Pre-School, children can choose from – and work at – a range of activities and, in doing so, build up their ability to select and work through a task until it is complete.  The children are also helped and encouraged to take part in adult-led small and large group activities which introduce new experiences and help them gain new skills, as well as teach them to work with others.

Outdoor activities contribute to the children’s health, physical development and their knowledge of the world around them.  The children have the opportunity – and are encouraged – to take part in outdoor child-chosen and adult-led activities, as well as those provided in indoor playrooms.